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Majestic XII formerly Diefenthal Studios was founded in 1992 by Gerard Diefenthal. 


Majestic XII is an all in one company established for production of film, TV and visual effects for the international entertainment.


In 1996 Majestic XII was decorated (certified) for its state of the art visual effects by Silicon Graphics industry as one of the best visual effects studios.Over the years Majestic XII and supervisor Gérard Diefenthal accompanied many film and TV productions and was involved decisively in many  VFX highlights have written cinema and TV history.


As the name Diefenthal is very well known in the media business and stands also for high quality, Gérard Diefenthal established 2007 The Majestic XII Srl in Rome. In 2008 Majestic XII Srl has produced the first horror-fantasy-thriller called Darkside Witches.
Darkside WItches is the first Italian motion picture that was shot 80% on blue screen with visual effects  in accordance with the highest international standard.


Majestic XII has the mission to produce state of the art visual effects and its own films and TV commercials on the highest level for the international entertainment market.





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